Sunday, 23 November 2014

Outfit: Wearing Self-made

I realise it's been absolute silent over here for well over a month now, and I do apologise! My boyfriend finally came back from deployment, I had essays, too many hours at work etc etc. Life, in other words, interfered.
My last post was about how tired I was and in order to concentrate on myself, my studies, health and happiness, I decided to quit my job, take a step back and think about what I wanted to do. Yesterday was my last day and I actually feel much better already, knowing I have one less thing to stress about.  I'm trying not feel so guilty about taking time to do things I enjoy (no matter how "unproductive" they are), so I'm back to blogging! 

 Dress: Handmade, Belt: Boohoo, Bag: via Vinted (Swap), Booties: Primark

I wanted to make a post about wearing my handmade knitwear and accessories. You may not know this, but I knit a lot. Which is why I never buy knit scarves, mittens or hats (and if I had more time, I would probably hardly ever buy jumpers either!). I'll probably do a post about my favourite accessories at some point, but for today I have an outfit of the day. I wore my (oldish) handknit dress (with matching socks to keep my freezing toes warm in the house!). It was a nice and bright day for the first time in absolutely ages, but since I had a lot of boring things to get done and the sun set after half three, I missed most of the best photograph time and had to take hurried photos just before the light was gone.

 I really don't understand what happens to my face when there is a camera pointed at it.

Any fellow knitters/crafters on that side of the internet?

Until next time,

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