Monday, 25 May 2015

Personal: Hello England

It's been just over two weeks since I said goodbye to Aberdeen, loaded a frankly ridiculous amount of boxes in the back of a moving van and hopped on a 9 hour train to Oxford, England.

Since then, I've been staying at my boyfriend's parents' house near Oxford and commuting to Oxford for my work experience. I've also been flat hunting (which proved a success!). The two weeks have gone by unbelievably quickly, and to be frank, it's also been exhausting. This past weekend I made a little trip to London to visit a friend (and raid the Oxford St Lush store, shhhh) and now I finally feel a little more relaxed and like I can sit down and write. I haven't actually even opened my laptop on multiple days, and if I have, it's usually to use Google Maps for journey planning. This is unheard of for me, who usually spends about 5 hours a day staring at their laptop screen. But yeah, it's been that busy.

Hopefully it'll be less busy from now on and I will be able to take some photos for posts (surprisingly difficult when you're living out of a single suitcase and generally home after 7pm). I've got another week of work experience left, after which my boyfriend will be back in the UK. Then I'll start looking for a full-time job, go back to Aberdeen to graduate on the 15th of June and on 6th of July we will move into our flat!

Regarding the flat... Despite my previous plans to find us a place within a cycling distance of the Oxford city centre, we ended up deciding to rent in the same town that Nick grew up in. It's half an hour from Oxford, so not very far away, but still not quite what I planned. But we decided that being able to have 2 bedrooms in a lovely modern flat right in the centre, a couple of minutes away from the bus stop, for the same price as a grotty 1 bed in Botley, was a pretty good deal. Even if means living 20 minute walk away from his parents and grandparents – something which I definitely did not plan. And no, I don't dislike them — at all. I like them, and I'm very grateful for their support so far and in the next few weeks while we wait for our flat to become available. But I'm 3.5 hours away from my family by plane and have never been closer than 30 minutes drive to any family member previously, so it feels a little too close. And not living in a city is not something I ever wanted either.

Anyway. Expect some homeware hauls, wishlists and probably a little tour in late July/August when we've settled in and I've had the chance to decorate a little bit. And hopefully outfit posts soon.

Monday, 4 May 2015

Outfit: Queen of the Hill

Bag: Vinted | Dress: Topshop via Vinted | Shoes: New Look

Second outfit post from Cyprus! We were driving back to Limassol from Paphos via 'The Scenic Route' when we spotted a little cafe on the side of the road and a lot of cars, and decided to go and have a look what the fuss was about. Turns out, the cafe/shop was next to an underground tunnel to Aphrodite's Rock, a beach where (according to mythology) Aphrodite was born!

Sadly, I can only give you three photos, as I realised upon closer inspection of the photos that there were only two where you can actually see what I'm wearing (my boyfriend is still learning the meaning of an 'outfit' photo). Oh well. It's a very simple one, and as impressive as big rocks are, multiple photos might be a little boring.

Queen of the Hill (or rather, of a Rock)?

This will be my last week in Aberdeen(!) and while I have a couple posts planned up, I admit I might be quiet again here for a little while. The coming week(s) seems quite intimidating, as I have to finish my very last essay, box up all my belongings, move to Oxfordshire on Saturday, start my work experience at OUP on Monday, really begin house-hunting (instead of just browsing) and try to settle in (as much as I can). Intimidating, but exciting.