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I'm Jenni, a twenty three year old girl, situated in Oxfordshire, UK. I am a recent English Lit graduate from Aberdeen, currently working in a bookshop (and loving it). I originally hail from Finland, hence the funny pronunciation of my name ('Yen-ni') and all the Moomin stuff.

I created this blog in January 2014 (though it took me until March to actually start posting), and though my posting can be sporadic at times, it has become like a little haven for getting away for a little while. Nothing like pretty dresses to escape the grey everyday, right?

Though most posts will be personal style/fashion centered, I do also have a wide range of other interests which will undoubtedly crop up in the blog. The most likely ones are home, baking/cooking, knitting, art and of course, books.

This is mainly a personal style blog, and for me, along with that also comes body acceptance. I have always been chubby, and at times even quite badly overweight. A few years ago I decided that it was time for me to stop hating seeing myself in the mirror. I started taking better care of myself, in the form of exercise and healthier diet. Though I am now a size 10, I still often see myself as 'large'. I am hoping that as I get more used to photographing myself (and looking at those photos), I can shed some of that pesky self-consciousness and learn to love myself as I am.

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