Saturday, 11 October 2014

Perfume Collection

 When I started reading beauty blogs, one of the first posts I read was a perfume collection post and ever since I began blogging, I've wanted to write one myself. Funny, since I am not a beauty blogger. But then, for me perfumes can be a very integral part of your personal style. It's like an accessory, a statement piece. I feel the same way about lipsticks and nail polishes (but you won't catch me blogging about for example foundations, highlighters or mascaras) — so you might see me raving about those in here one day.

My collection of perfumes is not large — but I am quite happy with what I've got. I don't tend to buy a lot of perfumes, but rather take my time to find what I like. So, without further ado, here they are, from the oldest to the newest!

Kenzo - Flower by Kenzo
This was my first 'proper' perfume. I got a set of three of these bottles as a present, for Christmas I think, when I was 17, and as I did not wear much perfume back then, 2 of the bottles remained unopened for years. I still love the perfume, and since I really started using perfumes couple of years ago, it's been one of my go-to scents. It's not too overpowering, so it's a nice 'daytime' perfume. As you can see, I've almost ran out now. May have to repurchase, as I've grown very attached to it!

Chanel - Chance
I got this for my 18th birthday. It's been a fair few years... but it still smells like it did when I first opened it! I store all my perfumes in a cool, dark place which probably helps. I also didn't really use this until well after I turned 21, as it felt much too classy and grown-up for my 18-year-old self. Which explains why the bottle is still so full. I've been using it quite a lot in the past year, whenever I want to feel more 'classy' and 'grown-up'. 

LUSH - Smell of Freedom
I LOVE this perfume so much. The spicy and zingy scent is gorgeous. The only problem is that all three that I've had have smelt different (the first one was my favourite). I first bought this as a solid perfume, then got another solid and an atomiser after I ran out. But like I said, neither of them quite lived up to the scent of the first one, which is a pity. It's still lovely, but not quite perfect anymore. Sadly I think this has now been discontinued — I'll be devastated when I run out!

Guerlain - La Petit Robe Noire 
I fell in love with the bottle, and when I tried it, I loved it even more. Berries, almonds, liquorice and Lapsang Souchong (smokey black tea)? This was made for me. Nick surprised me with the perfume and body lotion gift set last November since he knew I'd had my eye on it.  I am spoiled!

I know a lot of people dislike this perfume, but I find it a really exciting and unusual scent that I keep sniffing all day long. It has personality!

Marc Jacobs - Daisy Dream 

 I don't generally buy perfumes myself (with the exception of LUSH perfumes). I think this is partly due to the fact that they're fairly expensive, and partly because I didn't use to wear perfume all that much until a couple of years ago. 

When Daisy Dream came out, I really wanted to try it. It looked and sounded so nice, but quite different to my usual tastes (I don't like the original Daisy perfume, and don't generally go for florals). I tried it on at airports every time I flew this summer and could not stop thinking about it and kept going back to sniff it at shops every time I had a chance. So I had to buy it. At £47 for 50ml, it was not terrible price-wise, but it still stung a little bit (student budget and all that). But since I'd been working all summer, I thought I'd treat myself.
LUSH - Lust

 Lust is perfume I had tried before and then decided I didn't like it. I've started liking the scent of jasmine lately though, and as I gave this another try about a month ago, I fell in love and decided that I had to get it. I wanted a solid perfume (I'd loved having Smell of Freedom as solid perfume — easy to carry around and no danger of spillages or of breaking a glass bottle), but they didn't have one in stock in my local shop so I had to wait a couple of weeks to get my hands on it. So happy I did. Good value for money as well, as the tin only cost £6!

 Do you have any of these? What are your favourite perfumes at the moment?

Until next time, 

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