Friday, 3 October 2014

I'm Back (And I Went To London)!

It's been almost a month since my last post! I have no other excuses other than that life happened. I moved a few days after my last post, which meant all the usual things: packing, stressing, cleaning and unpacking. To add on to that, I started my fourth year of Uni two days after moving, and also got the mother of all colds which kept me in bed for 3 days solid and I have still not entirely recovered. In short, the beginning of my final year of Uni has been a little bit of a nightmare.

This past weekend, I left all the stress and mess (I still hadn't finished unpacking!) in Aberdeen and headed down south to London to visit a friend who recently moved there after graduating. There was a lot of food involved, as well as catching up, laughing and just chilling around.

My friend was working everyday, so I occupied myself by doing a little bit of shopping, exploring and wandering around. I left my camera home, deciding that I didn't want to carry anything heavy around this time, so I just took a lot of photos with my phone.

Here's some photos from my weekend — you might have seen some of them if you follow me on Instagram, but hopefully that's okay! 

 Morning selfie! Everything started well — good hair, good face, decent eyeliner. The moment I stepped out of my friend's flat, I realised I'd left my wallet in my suitcase, I had no keys, no idea where she works and no way to contact her until her lunchtime. I saved the situation by playing Sherlock, aka staring through the windows into every cafe I found on the main street until I found her.

Liberty! I just love the black and white Tudor-style buildings. Like, so much.

I popped into Ladurée in Covent Garden. I've been to Ladurée three or four times, but never actually had their macarons. I know, I know. But I rectified my mistake this time and purchased salted caramel, liquorice and gingerbread macarons to enjoy with my friend later in the evening. They were delicious. Gingerbread was voted the favourite.

 Cookies & Scream is a must when in Camden. I had been looking forward to trying their Cookie Dough shake, but since they were out of cookie dough when we got there, I went for Peanut Butter Chico (aka cookie) shake. It was amazing. I also bought Peanut Butter and Jelly Chico (pictured left) to takeaway. Because.

I bought sparkly shoes from Dorothy Perkins (here), since they had a very exciting 30% off shoes offer going on (and still continuing!). I was rocking them with my tartan dress (Primark, last year, you know the one) while exploring the markets on Sunday.

I made my first visit to Columbia Road Flower Market! I did not buy anything, for obvious reasons, but it was still an experience.

I had the best cupcake of my life from Flavour Town in Old Spitalfields Market. It was called Pumpkin Spice and I have no words to describe it, it was just amazing. I wish I could have bought everything. But I will be back.

We had dinner at Comptoir Libanais! I wasn't too hungry that evening (must have been all the cupcakes) so I chose to have another starter as my main, but it was all delicious.

I had been fawning over Petra's majestic fluffiness online before our visit to Lady Dinah's Cat Emporium and was not disappointed in person. She was so incredibly beautiful (and soft)!

Last but not least, The Harry Potter Studio Tour! As a huge Harry Potter, I've been wanting to go since it opened, but somehow never had the chance. I flew on a broomstick, had butterbeer and fangirled over all the small things.

The ultimate mirror selfie, right?

I'll be sharing more about my visit to The Harry Potter Studios and Lady Dinah's Cat Emporium in separate posts soon!

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