Monday, 5 January 2015

Outfit Inspiration: Movies

I love watching movies, and occasionally, it's the sartorial aspect (rather than the plot) that holds my attention long after I've left the cinema. Here's a few of my current favourite film inspirations, some older, some newer (like What If and Magic in the Moonlight).

What If


I found this movie both entertaining and incredibly cute, but I also could not stop looking at Chantry (played by Zoe Kazan), whose wardrobe I adored throughout the film. And that face!

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I could not find a picture of the incredibly cute tartan dress Chantry (Kazan) wears at the end of the movie, but let me tell you, it was so cute.

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I completely fell in love with Zoe Kazan in this movie and the rest of her movies are now on my watch list. I love her style, both in- and off-screen. Her face reminds me a lot of Juno Temple (who is also a major girl crush of mine)!

Magic in the Moonlight

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Emma Stone, 1920s... do I need to say more? My own body shape is not suited for the 1920s style, but I love admiring it from afar. I do wish I could wear a cloche though... *sigh*. 

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This movie has all the hats!

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And this nautical outfit. Winner. Though admittedly, Emma Stone is pretty much flawless in my eyes and I love most things she wears. But Magic in the Moonlight gets a special mention!

Glorious 39

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Moving on from 1920s to very late 1930s. Though Glorious 39 is a good movie, what really stood out for me was the wardrobe of the entire cast. Eye candy all the way!

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Just look at that red and blue outfit on the right. Yes.

500 Days of Summer

Zooey Deschanel, you babe. I love her girly style and its vintage vibes in New Girl and 500 Days of Summer is just more fashion eye candy for similarly inclined. All of your wardrobe, please? And I don't even like light blue (which features rather prominently in this film)!

Do you find outfit inspiration from tv or movies?

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