Sunday, 4 January 2015

Outfit: My Uniform

May I present to you my uniform? A body, high waisted skirt and black tights is something you can spot on me every week — it's the sort of thing I'll automatically pick up from my closet on the days where I just cannot decide what to wear. It's easy, and comfortable.

Top: Primark (old) // Necklace: Aliexpress // Skirt: Forever21 (here) // Tights: Primark // Shoes: local shoeshop

I thought I was going to be good with outfit photos in Finland. There's plenty of good reasons for it, not the least being that my mum's home is far more photogenic than my student flat that I share with five other people. My hometown also has plenty of nice outdoor photography spots and I had the excuses of various Christmas celebrations and New Year to dress up.

Turns out, however, that without tripod, and someone to take photographs, the -10 to -20°C and snowfall make outdoor photography impossible. Being the holiday season, everyone was also home all the time and that made indoor photography less appealing (cue awkward posing in the kitchen above). I also massively underpacked for a three week holiday. Unheard of in my case, but I guess it was bound to happen one day. That's not to say I have nothing to wear — but I do repeat my outfits quite often.

So instead of outfit photos, I've mostly lain around reading and consuming inordinate amounts of food. I don't mind too much though — it's nice to be lazy sometimes and not feel guilty about it.

I got the shoes on sale (70% off!) at a local shoe shop on my second day here. I'd been wanting new brown shoes since I threw my old ones to the bin after wearing them through and I was quite excited to spot this pair — they were the last pair left in the shop!

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