Sunday, 18 January 2015

Outfit: Winter Florals

Dear me, it's been so long since my last post! I hope you'll excuse me — my boyfriend finally got time off and I abandoned internet almost completely for a week to spend time with him (it'd been about 3 months since I last saw him). It was lovely and relaxing, so I'm ready to power through my final semester of Uni. Sadly, this was also the last time I'll see him before my dissertation deadline (April 3rd!). I would love to be able to say that it makes it easier to concentrate on my work to not have him here, but I actually work much better when he's around (evening cuddles are a good motivation to get work finished in time). It's good to know that this was our last longer goodbye for at least a few years now though, as he's coming back to the UK at the end of May. Which means new exciting things, such as moving in together (hopefully somewhere nice)!

Now, while I did abandon internet, I didn't completely forget about my blog. Nick (the boyfriend) is interested in my blog and very supportive, so he volunteered as camera help ().

He generally doesn't photograph much besides aircraft and sceneries (maybe the occasional animal), so he did need some pointers about outfit photos. Not that I'm helping much with my awkward posing. I'm very thankful that he is so supportive and helpful though, since it's really not his thing. But I'll definitely need to give him more instructions about framing. And ask him to take more than one photo per angle (see weird skirt flutter in picture below). ;)

Top: Forever21 / Jacket: TKMaxx (old) / Skirt: New Look (sold out, similar
Bag: Accessorize (sold out) / Boots: Primark

I do love the print but I think I might have to cut the skirt a little shorter. Midi length doesn't do much for my 5'2'' frame — it's just too long. One thing in this outfit is utterly perfect though, and that is the bag. Nick got it for me as a Christmas present (he got me far too many things, I feel so spoiled!). We exchanged gifts when I was visiting, celebrating our own little late Christmas — complete with Christmas dinner and Christmas cake at his grandparents' house. We didn't go so far as to get out the crackers, but it was pretty close.

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