Thursday, 22 January 2015

Outfit: Classic

Ah, the classic red lip. I could easily live without any nude shades, but red lipstick is such an essential for me. I feel like it just improves every outfit. And just your daily life in general.

Top: H&M / Bag: Vinted / Leather jacket: TKMaxx (old) / Skirt: New Look (old) / Boots: Primark

What is it with shops only selling mini or midi length skirts? Because neither really work for me. Just above my knees? Yes please. But it seems near impossible to find skirts that length on high street shops at the moment! I find plenty of dresses with perfect length hem, but somehow similar skirts are an anomaly.

I got this midi from New Look (kids section, haha!) in the sale over the summer for £4, and while it is a slightly awkward length, it's such a nice basic. The skirt looks nicer with heels, and indeed, if it had been a little warmer and I wasn't going to be walking around a fair bit, I would probably have opted for nude tights and a pair of heels. But as it was cold and walking was inevitable, I opted for comfort with thick black tights and my trusty heeled Primark booties.

The more I look at these photos, the more I feel like I should probably let go of the leather jacket and put it up on Depop or Vinted. It's just too big, even though I love the style of it. Time to go searching for a new one... in the petite sections.

Photography by Nick.

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