Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Lifestyle: Confessions of a Busy Bee

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Turns out that final semester of your final year at Uni is a very busy time. I had my first 500-word deadline for my dissertation today, as well as first day at a new job. There's also an internship application forever hanging over my head. Basically, I've just got a lot on my plate. It's only the third week of term but I feel like I've been buried under a pile of work for months.

But here is a little update anyway. I quite like reminding myself that I do actually do other things than read, write and wail over dissertation proposals and cover letters. Like see friends and make a little effort to enjoy life.

Last week, I booked last minute bus tickets to London (a combination of a bout of midnight madness, temptingly low bus prices and the urge to get out of Aberdeen) for the weekend just gone. Night busing is never great, but somehow it was still worth it. I don't really have any complaints about the Megabus Gold Sleeper Service on the way down, but the regular night bus on the way up made me want to cry with fatigue. But like I said, it was still worth it. I spent two days with a friend, did some little TKMaxx and Wholefoods shopping and went to The Bloggers' Market, which was organised by some of my favourite bloggers (CarrieOliviaDunyaLucy & Kristabel). I made a couple of amazing bargain buys, which will (hopefully) feature in outfit posts soon! To my surprise, I didn't take a single photo (not even with my phone) the entire weekend! But it was nice to just ignore my phone for change and focus on enjoying my time in London with my friend.

Short and sweet this time. Just a little reminder that even though I sometimes feel like I'm being consumed by research, writing and all the pressure, I still have other things in my life. Friends, talking with my boyfriend, events like The Bloggers' Market or a dance workshop that I'll be attending in Edinburgh this weekend, clothes... and of course this blog. My little space to come and talk about things that are a little less "grimm" than Little Red Riding Hood (being oh so clever with my fairy tales references).

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