Monday, 23 February 2015

Outfit: In the Mood

Am I committing a massive blogger mistake by uploading an iPhone mirror selfie as my outfit photo? If so, sorry.

I was at a dance workshop all day on Saturday (hence the shoes), and I took this at the empty dance studio during the lunch break because I just really liked my outfit and my hair that day. It's simple and comfortable, but still looks nice. The scallop-edged pencil skirt is from ASOS sales (I couldn't resist when they had extra 10% off sale) and it's my new favourite thing. It's by a brand called Darling and the material is just so lovely and soft. Especially inside the pockets (which obviously meant I kept putting my hands in my pockets all the time throughout the day)! And talking of pockets — can we take a moment to appreciate skirts with pockets? Style, comfort and utility. In other words, perfection.

Please tell me that the scallop trend is here to stay because I still can't get enough! I want all the scallop things. Expect a post with incredibly cute scallop-edged polka dot shorts (which I got in the same ASOS order with the skirt) soon...! Yes, I only buy scallop things now.

Just a quick little update this time. I was ill pretty much all last week and finally got better (and thus got to attend the dance workshop), so I'm excited to actually be able to leave my flat in this week. I do have an essay to hand in and a dissertation to work on, so this excitement might be short-lived, but I'll enjoy it while I can!

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