Thursday, 1 January 2015

Haul: Sales (The Finnish Edition)

As anyone who has read my posts before probably knows, I love a good sale! So I can't say I'm not slightly miffed to miss all the Boxing Day sale bargains in the UK. In Finland, everything was still closed on Boxing Day (not bad thing at all) and in here "sale" generally means 20-30% off the original price tag. The original prices are already higher than the UK equivalents (good example being Lush massage bars which are £6.50 in UK and £9.80 (12.50€) in Finland — say whaaaat), so Finnish sales generally don't excite me much. With few exceptions.

Finnish brands. I'm a dedicated buyer of Arabia dishware, Iittala glassware and Finlayson home textiles. I wish I could say I was a dedicated buyer of Minna Parikka, who designs the most beautiful shoes on the planet, but I can only say I am a dedicated visitor of her website.

Arabia and Iittala usually have good sales, particularly around Christmas time, but so far they've been a little sad (only 30% off most sale items). I'm waiting for January to kick off the 50% sales, but I've already caved and bought some little things. Tuokio jug (the one with blue marks), seasonal Moomin mug and Kimara jar (red fruit printed one on the right).

Finlayson offered 50% all sale items, so I picked up some Tove 100 items. I was already looking at these in January 2014 when they came out, but waiting was clearly a good idea, since I didn't desperately need them at the time. Not that I do now, but at least I'll have brand new things in my home when I graduate and move out of student accommodation — I'm preparing!

Though I did manage to get some bits from the Lush online sale in the UK (and what a nightmare that was), I picked up Yog Nog soap and So White bath bomb from the Lush store in Helsinki as well. The prices are extortionate though and I don't understand how anyone can justify them at full price.

I also got this wool blend blazer with suede-like elbow patches from H&M. It's out of stock in the UK website, so I won't link it. It's got the same problem as I always have with coats and jackets, sleeves being a little too long, but I liked it too much to care. It's got lovely lining so I can always turn the sleeves (like in the photo).

What have you found from post-Christmas sales so far? And please, someone tell me I'm not the only 20-something who gets excited over dishware and home textiles!

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