Wednesday, 10 December 2014

'Tis the Season

Of cold and dark, of short days and 'under no circumstances will i wear anything less than 3 layers'.

On the bright side however... I am officially on holiday! Having spent the last 24 hours recovering from the stress of the past few weeks (particularly yesterday's exam) by re-watching Torchwood, knitting Christmas presents and catching up on my Bloglovin feed, I thought I'd try to be productive today. Cook, clean, do laundry... and write a blogpost!

What I wanted to do was up together an outfit post (especially because I like my outfit today). For a multitude of reasons, that's not working out too well at the moment, so I thought I'd write about why I'm not taking outfit photos instead. Makes sense, right?

First off, I'm not feeling too inspired by my outfit photos, as they are all taken indoors, in my dark bedroom that doesn't really have any suitable background (my bookcase?). Even my wardrobe doors (which span one entire wall) are mirrored, so I can't use them as background! Rest of the house...? Well, imagine a 6-bed student flat and add to the equation that the person who spends most time in the communal areas never cleans up after themselves (in other words, the living room is probably even worse when it comes to background material). Is it wrong to say that I can't wait for University be over, just because I hate student flats and people who don't clean up after themselves?

Though I finally managed to get myself outside to the back garden, now that is off limits as well, as the downstairs neighbours (who we share the garden with) are doing some big renovation project (including their bathroom) and the garden has become a dumping ground for everything that's being thrown out. And then there is also the workmen, who keep walking in and out.

I wish I had someone who I could go out to take photos with. But at the same time, right now... it's bloody cold! I can't even type for very long in my bedroom without my fingers getting numb, let alone walk around the flat without a pair of slipper booties (thick socks alone don't work anymore). Needless to say, it is much colder outside. I can't even send a short text message without my fingers going numb — how is anyone supposed to operate a camera, let alone stand outside without a thick coat?

Dear fellow bloggers, I have a question for you (particularly if you're a student). If you live somewhere very cold, like northern Scotland, do tell me how on earth do you cope with taking outfit photos during the colder months? If you have a beautiful, well-lit living room, please do not tell me, for I might die out of sheer jealousy.

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