Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Outfit: A Little Fashion Faux Pas

Beret: handmade, Jumper: H&M, Skirt: Primark (old), Tights: Primark, Shoes: Modcloth (old)
The boxy cropped shape of the jumper does nothing for me. Nothing. It's cosy and cute (on a stick) but yes, it does look like I'm wearing a sack. Next time, choose a pair of skinny jeans instead of a skater skirt. But hey, I guess you learn from your mistakes. This is me learning.

See me awkwardly clutching Chr├ętien de Troyes's Arthurian Romances for safety, like a true literature student. I need to invest in props. Cute clutch bags that I never use outside my room? Teacups? The blog is called 'tea & dresses' after all.

Do you have any trends that you love but feel don't suit you?

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