Saturday, 6 December 2014

A Collective Haul: Everything

Another haul. Whoops?

I've been shopping quite a lot lately, for some reason. Really good sales? Whatever the reason, there's certainly been enough stuff for little (or not so little) hauls from H&M, ASOS, New Look and Primark... but since I was far too impatient to take photos before putting them to use, they won't be included (expect for little bits and bobs which I either haven't used yet or had managed to snap a photo of before I started wearing them).

It seems that whenever I have a discount code, I suddenly have this urgent need to go shopping! The December issue of Glamour was full of great treats, including 20% off H&M, so of course I had to go and have a little browse to see if I wanted anything. Turns out, I did!

I got a gift card from my boyfriend's parents as a birthday present and popped in to use the rest of it. I got the Godiva shampoo bar, which I've been wanting try for ages simply because it smells heavenly (I hope it'll work as well though) and Bûche de Noël cleanser which I missed last year.

I went into Boots with the intention of buying the pencil version of Soap&Glory's Archery (£8) after hearing so many good reviews about it (I'm always looking for ways to remedy the mess that is my brows). Since Soap&Glory had a promotion that got you a free Supercat Eyeliner (£6) when you spent £12, I naturally had to take advantage of it — especially since my old eyeliner had started to dry up. I'd recently thrown my old concealer away so I decided give Kick Ass Blur and Brighten Concealer a try in shade Light (£6). Liking all three products so far!

Okay, so these were actually from the previously mentioned old ASOS haul! I haven't worn the Cath Kidston socks yet (I'm trying to figure out a way to wear them so you can see them because TEACUPS) and I had managed to snap a photo of my beautiful rose gold Olivia Burton watch before I started wearing it (fun fact, this is my first watch since I was about 7). PS. Do also note my matching CK cushion that my friend got me for my b-day in August (she knows me well)!

The Body Shop
The Body Shop had 40% off all items (including sale) fairly recently and I decided to take advantage. No Christmas products this time, I just went all out on things that were already on sale. All of this was just about £15! In my defence, only the Early Harvest Raspberry body butter and scrub are for myself, the rest will find their way under someones Christmas tree. It may sound quite cheap to be purchasing Christmas gifts from sale, but you know what, it's nice to get more for your money when you're buying gifts as well! And of course, I'm still on student budget.

Ebay, Vinted and Depop
Forever a lover of bargains, websites like Ebay, Vinted and Depop are my best friends. I've got some particularly good deals lately and I wanted to share them with you guys.
The shoes are from Chelsea Crew, and you can get the same style from Modcloth, where they retail at $69.99. I paid £11.10 with postage on Ebay! The shoes had been worn once (from the condition of the soles, probably for a short time) and were in amazing condition. They're incredibly comfortable (I taught 2 dance classes in them immediately after receiving them) and I will definitely keep my eyes open for any others chances for snatching up Chelsea Crew shoes in the future (sorely disappointed that Modcloth's Black Friday sales didn't include any pairs I wanted haha). Love love love!

A little Cath Kidston number that is actually a skirt version of a dress that I included in a wishlist over the summer. Brand new, and only £15 (postage included) via Depop! 
And from Vinted, I got THAT red Zara dress that Zooey Deschanel wears in the New Girl intro! I happened to have enough credit to cover the entire purchase (£11.90 with postage) so it sort of felt like I got it for free — win! I've been wanting it for ages but all the ones on Ebay seem to go for ridiculous prices when you consider that they are used.

and as a final little thing...

Dumbo socks! How cute are they? I actually did a bit of a sock haul (is that a thing?) from Primark, getting some cute tights and socks to get me through the cold times. Sadly I've used all of them except for these (since these are really thin and therefore not warm enough), so I haven't pictured those haha. I'm sure my new fox tights will feature in an ootd soon though!

Have you been shopping more than usual lately (not counting Christmas presents)? The shops just seem full of things I want... Might be time for a spending ban!

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