Sunday, 30 November 2014

This Week I Love...

It's time for the weekly favourites! I know I haven't done a weekly favourites post in a while, but since I just didn't feel like I had anything new to share, it seemed pointless. So this probably won't be an every-Friday thing anymore (not Friday today either, as it happens!), but rather just a weekly favourites when the inspiration strikes.

I am a major tea drinker. I love loose leaf tea like nothing on this planet. But lately I've been even more obsessed, since I just visited London (again) and I got some new teas which are beyond words. Christmas teas. Specifically, 'All About Christmas' from The Tea House (Neal Street, next to Covent Garden). Oh my god. I buy it every year and I always finish the full 100g within a few months (I always have at least 20 varieties in the kitchen, so it usually takes me a while to work through a 100g — testament to how good 'All About Christmas' is). It is Christmas in a cup like nothing else.

As a result of quitting my job, I find myself with a little more spare time. I've been putting this to good use by knitting Christmas presents: productivity and fun in one. I haven't had time to knit in ages and it's lovely to just sit down with my needles and a skein of wool.

Despite my feelings of frustration at not being able to develop myself as much as I'd like, dancing still makes me feel incredibly happy.

High heels
It's a weird time to suddenly put on heels when it's pouring with most days of the week. But ever since I bought a pair of (comfortable) heeled booties from Primark in the beginning of November, I've been loving heels. Maybe it's the gradual transition from flat to little heels to just slightly higher heel that made the difference. I received a pair of Chelsea Crew heels in the mail the other day, wore them in my dance class and now I don't want to wear anything else. Sadly the rain means I often have to choose wellies over heels when venturing outdoors.

Above Raquel heels by Minna Parikka are my holy grail — if (and when) I get married, that's what I'll be wearing. You just wait and see.

There, I said it! It's less than a month to go, so I'm allowed! Despite the fact that my spirits were considerably dampened by the unhappy news that my boyfriend will not be able to join me in Finland this Christmas (the joys of military, working Christmas and New Year with no say in the matter!), I am still looking forward to snow, spicy gingerbread, plum tarts, sauna, glögg and sharing presents with friends and family. And many other things. I spent last Christmas with my boyfriend's family in the UK, so it's nice to have a familiar Christmas this year.

What are your favourites this week?

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