Friday, 1 August 2014

This Week I Love... #2

 I can't believe it's August!

Here come this week's loves. I know, I know, I missed last week. But I intend to keep this up!

Pole dancing

via Polecats Manila
I took my first pole dancing lesson this week, after wanting to try it out for about a year and I LOVED it. My shoulders and arms ached the next day and I had bruises and was generally sore all over. A winner in my books! I really need to work on my upper body strenght though, big time!

Fresh flowers

via Pinterest
I picked a bargain bouquet (15p, down from £15!) from Tesco on Sunday evening and this week I've enjoyed the gradual opening of the white lilies of it. All of the six lilies were unopened when I bought it, so the bouquet was seriously an amazing bargain! Now I think I'm going to have to buy more fresh flowers when these die though. Oh dear.

via Two Peas and Their Pod
I don't know, I'm having a very salad-full week and I'm loving it! I haven't had salad in a long time as I became a bit uninspired by them – and during cooler months I tend to gravitate towards hearthier foods such as curries and stews. This week however, I am making salads pretty much every day! This might have something to do with my recent buys from Tesco: their own Healthy Living Carrot and Ginger dressing, as well as Brianna's Dijon Honey Mustard dressing (finally available in UK supermarkets!). I really want to try Brianna's Rich Poppy Seed dressing next!

This chickpea, avocado & feta salad from Two Peas and Their Pod is on the menu this week, once my avocados ripen up!

This Old Thing: The Vintage Clothes Show

via Amazon
Dawn O'Porter's show on Channel 4 has been a constant of my Wednesday nights over the past six weeks. While I've been familiar with vintage for a few years now, I've always been more of an admirer than a wearer of vintage. Not for the lack of desire though, but I've always been kind of nervous about it, and I like being quite "safe" with a lot of my clothes choices. I've been really inspired by the show though, and want to give vintage another try — this time by being more open-minded about different styles and prints. 

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