Friday, 22 August 2014

This Week I Love... #4

It's Friday again, so here I am with my weekly Friday post... except not.

I'm currently in Finland, at "home" (I have a problem with word home because of reasons but to keep it short, I mean I'm at my mum's) and I just cannot bring myself to make the "usual" Friday post. It's late, and I've been enjoying the bubble of life that is very different from the one in Aberdeen.

So I wanted to share things I love about being "home", this week.


Karelian pies via
It's such a luxury to have someone cooking and baking for you. I haven't spared a single thought to healthiness (my mum is not stingy with cream and butter), and though my waistline might not appreciate it, I'm content to spend this week like this. On a holiday.


Helsinki Design District via Visit Helsinki
I love Helsinki and I missed it so much. I've visited all my favourite places and shops and bought some things to take back with me (mostly tea) and I know I'm going to miss it when I leave.


Moomin products via Arabia
They are everywhere and I love it. But I'm also trying to be sensible and not spend hundreds of euros on kitchenware and textiles.

and last but definitely not least...


I left a close knit group of friends in Finland when I packed my bags in September 2011, but it feels lovely to know that everytime I go back, it's like no time has passed. I've seen some of our group already, and will see the rest (of those present) tomorrow for a CAKE BUFFET at Kakkugalleria. Yes, you read correctly, a cake buffet. I will report back.

Do you miss your hometown/country?

Until next time,

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