Thursday, 7 August 2014

Wishlist: August

It's my birthday month! I thought I'd celebrate with a little wishlist post, sharing some of the things I really want this month.

August means that the end of summer is nigh, and we can start looking forward to (or dreading, depending on your view on the matter) to cooler nights, darker evenings and all things autumnal. Like candles, hats and steaming cups of tea (not that I don't indulge in the latter whatever the season).

1. ASOS Petite Exclusive Mac With Nautical Lining
I just really want a trenchcoat. They don't have a petite one in black, so I might have to go out of my comfort zone and go for tan. Which is a colour I've never worn. It's for professional, trendy, cool people. This year, I'm trying to learn that I can wear whatever I want.

2. Cat Pillow
I've already got an official grey Pusheen plush that my boyfriend got me as a cheer up after the first few months apart. But this one is bigger, and you can get it in white. So Pusheen definitely needs a friend.

3. Lily Flame Rhubarb Candle
I know, I know. Rhubarb is for summer. But as I spend as much time of the year as I can get away with by burning cinnamon, spiced apple or gingerbread scented candles (i.e. Christmas candles for most people), I figure I can get away with it. Throwback to summer!

I've been wanting A Hat for ages now, but I always felt I didn't have it in me to pull it off. The time has come to be brave and try! New mantra: I can wear whatever I want.

Oh, the cat flats. I've been wanting a pair for ages, but I always shy away from buying ballet flats since I destroy them so quickly... maybe this time?

I still have iPhone 3GS. It's been through a lot, and it's a miracle it's still working and doesn't have a single crack on the screen. But it's time for an upgrade. I've been told that I'll be a happy owner of a new iPhone after my birthday. There's just one problem — there are too many cool phone covers! The latter two are making the bookworm side of me squeal a little bit in excitement.

What's on your wishlist this month?

Until next time,

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