Thursday, 10 July 2014

The Magical Wonderland of TKMaxx

Who doesn't love TKMaxx?

I popped into one of the Aberdeen branches the other week, with the intention of just checking whether they would happen to be stocking my favourite granola (The Food Doctor), as TKMaxx seems to be the only place where it can (occasionally) be found in Aberdeen. Well, you know what they say about good intentions...

I left the shop with some great bargains in my bag. I bought two pairs of pants, rhubarb-strawberry loose leaf tea, a massive tin bucket of gourmet popcorn (almost a kilo!) and some protein pasta. There was also a very pretty vintage-esque red polka dot dress that I left in the shop. For once, reason reigned over — since 90% of the clothes I've bought over the last month have been either red, red-white or polka dot patterned, I decided that it wasn't special enough.

Popcorn and tea, what else does a girl need? Pasta and knickers weren't interesting enough to be included in the photo I'm afraid ;)

I got all the food items from the clearance section, and both the tea and the pasta were only £1 each! Best before dates are well in the next year, so I definitely got lucky. :) The bucket of cookies and cream popcorn was £3, which was also amazing for the amount. I had been wanting to try some gourmet popcorn for ages, but it's so expensive... But this was going out of date at the end of the month, hence the low price. I did however have another reason for buying that massive bucket of popcorn — because of the bucket. It's just so pretty, I just kept imagining it on my desk or shelf as a sweet smelling storage box, and I had to get it. I think £3 for a good-sized storage tin is already a fairly good price, so I was happy with my purchase, even if I can't feed the almost-a-kilo of popcorn to anyone (I will not eat it all by myself).

How delicious does that look?
Apart from the treasures I took with me, my branch also stocked other temptations such as lots of TIGI shampoos and conditioners (my absolute favourites), Benefit's Hello Flawless foundations (in shade far too dark for me), some other nice make-up items, deliciously smelling candles, Emma Bridgewater mugs and Le Creuset teapots. All for well reduced prices!

Have you made any finds in TKMaxx lately?

Until next time,

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