Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Sale Haul (Louche, Miss Selfridge, Debenhams, ASOS...)

I love sales. I'm very thrifty and always hunting for bargains — I love finding a good deal, and often wait for the sales to buy something that I want. More often than not this is also about necessity — you just can't afford as many things as you'd like with a student budget. Therefore, I try to limit my shopping to sales, so I can bulk out my wardrobe a little bit more with the money I have.

 WARNING, for those of delicate sensibilities — this post includes a piece of lingerie.

Louche Windsor Corgi Jumper, £25 (was £45)

Oh my god, this jumper. Ever since I saw it on someone on Location, Location, Location (house hunting programmes are my guilty pleasure), I knew I had to get my hands on it. The problem was that at the time, my size seemed out of stock everywhere. And it was £45! Which, to be fair, is a good price for 100% cotton sweater. But £45 is not a good price when you're an unemployed student. After unsuccessful Ebay hunting, and eventually getting employed, I happened to find this back on stock at JOY when the sale began and voilá — I had my Corgi jumper! I still need to find the cat one (but I will only accept red or turquoise)...

I'm so glad I ordered the 12 when 10 was out of stock, as their sizing is definitely on the small size. My flatmate saw the jumper and said, somewhat bewildered, that it looked more like a size 8 than 12. This one fits me perfectly without being too snug, which I think a 10 would have been.

I made an impromptu visit to Miss Selfridge on my way to see The Fault in Our Stars, after a phone call with my boyfriend which had left me sad and lonely... I did not mean to buy anything! I swear! But I saw this on the rail, in a lonely size 8, and decided to try it on despite it being the wrong size (I'm a size 10). Aaaand somehow ended up on the till? (Yes, it fitted) Talk about retail therapy.

 Freya Patsy Underwired Plunge Bra from Debenhams (£9.30, was £31)

The inescapable fact of being beyond the size that most high street clothing shops cater to means that bras are damn expensive. Specifically, around the £30 mark and over, if you want a bra that actually gives you the support you need. Freya is one of my absolute favourite lingerie brands, their designs are always great, and the quality is great. I snapped this beauty up in 70% off sale at Debenhams, which meant I paid less than £10. :) It is also absolutely gorgeous, and I have hope I can find a matching pair of knickers for it somewhere too.

and then... ASOS!

I was so good at resisting their sale, but then I got extra 20% off code for the sale and my self-restraint just crumpled. Oh well. I did get some fantastic deals!

 Floral Pintuck Skater Dress, £16 (was £32)

 Satchel Bag with Scallop Flap, £15 (was £25)

 Shorts with Scallop Hem, £17 (was £25)

I also ordered a striped cardigan with heart elbow patches, but I'm undecided as to whether I will keep it or not. It's so wide! It feels really lovely and soft though, so I might do some DIY magic and take it in with my sewing machine if I can't deal with the wideness. This Bardot Jacquard Tulip Dress is getting returned without further ado though, the weird padding on the hips makes me look at least two sizes bigger than the dress label would suggest... Sometimes you can really tell why a dress has been reduced from £65 to £14!

Have you made great finds in the summer sales?

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