Friday, 4 July 2014

(mini)Hauls: LUSH and Superdrug

I recently finished up my pot of Let The Good Times Roll cleanser from Lush (which I plan on repurchasing, it was amazing!), and that just happened to be my fifth empty pot... which meant a free facemask! This also happened to be my payday, so of course I coudn't resist a cheeky pop into the shop to get a couple of other things too while we were in town to see a movie with my boyfriend.

After having read some positive reviews online, I also decided to get the Tea Tree Water Toner Water (£3.95/100g). I have used it a couple of times now, and it makes my face feel lovely and refreshed. :)

Love Lettuce Fresh Face Mask, £6.25/each
My free facemask! I chose Love Lettuce — I asked one of the shop assistants for help in choosing as this was my first facemask. I have a combination skin that gets both dry and oily, and I was assured this was a great choice. As you can see, I was too impatient to leave trying it out until after I'd taken photos haha. I'm loving it so far!

Sweetie Pie Shower Jelly, £3.25/100g
In addition to the facemask, I repurchased a pot of Sweetie Pie shower jelly. Cherries, blackcurrant, bergamot, coconut and glitter? Yes please. It actually sort of smells like Ribena, but ten times better. I absolutely loved it when I last had it and have been wanting to get another pot since I ran out!

New Charity Pot Hand & Body Lotion, £1/10g
There was also a New Charity Pot, which I of course happily got. It's such a handy thing to keep around. I don't like this scent quite as much as I liked the previous one (which I loved), but it's still a nice one. :)

I ran out of my BB cream, which meant I also had to make a quick trip to Superdrug! I couldn't decide on a new product to try, so I decided to be boring and repurchase the Maybelline Pure BB Cream in Light (£6.99), which I'd just ran out of. And as it happens, Maybelline had a Buy 1, Get 1 Half-Price offer on... so I picked the ColourSensational lipstick in Coral Fever (£6.99) as my half-price treat. The Nivea daycreams were half-price (so only £1.99), so I picked one up too for the future. :)

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