Sunday, 13 July 2014

OOTD: Sailboats

I love this dress so much. It took me absolutely ages to get my hands on it — I first saw it on ebay, but I kept missing/losing every single auction for the dresses in my size. Then I found it on Vinted... and the seller never sent it! After a refund, I almost gave up hope, but then I found another! This is that dress. It was in like new condition, and it's just perfect. The material is light, which makes it perfect for summer, and it has pockets! POCKETS!

I took these photos only after I had already been out in town for hours, so I hope you'll excuse my somewhat messy hair and general disheveledness (is that a word? I say it is).

Earclips: Vintage (inherited from grandma), Dress: Topshop via Vinted, Cardigan: Seppälä (old)
 You might have noticed that I like matching colours quite a lot. Earclips, some of the boats in the dress, and the cardigan, all in my favourite shade of deep turquoise!

Until next time,

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