Monday, 21 July 2014

Lucky #1

I began entering giveaways early this year, as a sort of productive form of procrastination when I needed a break from writing essays or other University related things. To my great surprise and delight(!), I have actually won a fair few now, so I thought I'd share my wins and the lovely people who organised the giveaways. :) This post will have my wins from March to May this year.

Funny enough, I only ever win blog giveaways — despite the massive amount of Twitter giveaways that I enter, I've never won a single one!

March 2014

Months supply of PopChips and 'Master Your Metabolism' book by Jillian Michaels 
(Amy, Amy Valentine)

I confess, I was mostly in this for the crisps, but I actually found myself very interested in the book and agreed with a lot of what it was saying. I forgot to photograph the book, as it's taken its place on my bookshelf.

I also won 'Retro Makeup: Techniques for Applying the Vintage Look by Lauren Rennells' from Gertie at Gertie's Blog for Better Sewing in March, but never received it. I don't feel like pestering her anymore than I already have about it, just keeping my fingers crossed that it might still pop into my mailbox. It was my first win and I was so excited for it, being a massive vintage lover!

April 2014

Bunny Purse and Brooch
(Julia Laing, Materialised)

I was so excited when I received this, as not only was it the first prize I received, but also I absolutely adore everything handmade (being a crafter myself). The set came with the sweetest handwritten note too!
Witch Skincare Bundle
(Hannah, Midnight Violets)

I'd never tried any Witch products before, but had been told by friends that they're great, so I was very excited to win this MASSIVE bundle of Witch Skincare products from Hannah. So far I've only tried the makeup wipes (due to some problems with delivery, I only received this in early July), but I have to say I'm seriously impressed!

 Sorry for the dreadful quality of my phone camera...
May 2014

£50 Zalando Voucher

I opted for a beautiful floral top by Joules and a draped pencil skirt by Anna Field (plus t-bar wedges, which I returned as they just didn't look right on me).

Nanshy Make Up Brush Set

These are my first set of good quality make-up brushes and boy do they make a difference! I am completely in love with these. :) I don't know how I lived without them haha!

Do you enter giveaways? If you do, have you ever won anything?

Until next time,

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