Friday, 5 September 2014

This Week I Love... #6

Another Friday, another weekly favourites post! Slightly later than usual, since I've been battling with absolutely crippling headache since coming from work (I actually thought I might pass out when I got out of work, it was that bad) . It's slightly better now, so I thought I'd finish this while it's still Friday.

I'm moving next week, so this week has flewn by as I've been busy on my days off with planning and slowly packing away my belongings.

But I've still had time for other things, such as...


As some of you might know, I work in a cinema. You'd think this would make me less enthusiastic about spending my free time in cinemas, but that doesn't seem to be the case. In fact, I have been to see 3 movies since Sunday. For those interested, the movies were Sin City 2: A Dame To Kill For, Lucy and What If. Out of the three, I think What If was my favourite (though I enjoyed them all). Zoe Kazan is far too cute (and her character's wardrobe was perfect) and it was such an easy movie to just watch and enjoy. No need for thinking, just enjoying a simple rom-com, which is sometimes just what I need.

My list of movies to see for the next 7 days includes If I Stay, Before I Go To Sleep and The Guest. I'm tempted to go and see As Above So Below, but I'm not very good with horror movies so I may have to pass. And I'm sad I missed The Keeper of Lost Causes!

It must be autumn, because I want all things tartan. This always happens in autumn/winter season. What If didn't help, as Zoe Kazan's character Chantry was wearing the cutest tartan dress at the end of the movie (I wish I could find a picture) and I want it. No luck so far, but I do have a pile of turquoise tartan fabric in a box, and a sewing machine, so I think I'm going to go hunting for a dress pattern. Also, why did I listen to my friend last year when she told me not to buy one of the tartan dresses from Primark (you know the one)?

This massive tartan scarf from ASOS looks absolutely perfect, and I am sure to pop it into my basket next time I make an ASOS order. Which probably will be soon, since I have absolutely no self control.


Triangle Pose from Jennifer Jarrett's Good Morning Yoga Sequence

I've really got back to my exercise routine after my holiday and I feel so good. I mean sure, any sort of movement is sort of painful now since I just did my first Bodypump class in weeks... But it's the good kind of pain, an ache that tells you that you've worked hard and your muscles need a little bit of time to recover now. So I'm taking it easy with some yoga. I also got new pair of trainers since I forgot my old ones in Finland (I was going to get rid of them soon anyway so I guess it was okay), and exercising suddenly because much easier. I've been a bit lazy and overindulgent in general this summer, so I think I need to do some extra work to get back on track, but it's a good start.

(PS. Triangle pose is probably one of my favourite yoga postures ever, it just feels so opening and yet almost effortless at the same time)


Lily-Flame Pink Grapefruit Candle, £8.50
I know, I just had candles in my weekly loves last week! I've been burning so many candles this week as well though, and I also bought two new candles. Even though I've told myself not to buy anything since I'm moving out next week and do not need anymore things to add to the pile I need to somehow pack up. Somehow, it hasn't stopped me from down far too much shopping anyway.

But yes. Candles. I don't know what it is, but from the moment you light up a match to lit your candle up, there's just something so lovely about them. The smell, the light, the warmth. Everything. It's noon and I don't need to be burning a candle, but I still have one burning on the table in front of me. Because it does actually make me happy. It's the little things in life, right?

I recently discovered pink grapefruit scented things (through a new handwash) and now I want everything with that wonderfully zingy scent. Including this candle (and about 8 others, since Lily-Flame candles just smell too good).

Until next time,

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