Monday, 1 September 2014

OOTD: Tired, But Dressed Up

Return to Aberdeen meant the return to the task that has been haunting me for the past month: flathunting. Finding a flat that doesn't leave one living on porridge and tinned beans is a true challenge, let me tell you.

 I seem to have managed though, and as the weight lifted off my chest, I felt able to concentrate on other things again. Like blogging. So here is an outfit from the very day we found our new flat!

Body: Primark, Skirt: Primark, Shoes: Modcloth

Despite the fact that the heavy grey clouds and rain have returned to Aberdeen after the beautiful weather we had for my first three days back, I decided to try to look nice for the day. Even if I had to leave the flat later, and I knew it would start raining again (and I'd lost my umbrella). Curling my hair was probably utter waste of time, but at least it looks a bit nicer in the photos.
Cat earrings: Gingerpickle

Does anyone else get this sort of energy from being dressed up? I seem to just slump and laze around if I'm wearing leggings and a baggy jumper (or pyjamas!), but if I put on nice clothes, and put my hair up, I'm more likely to get things done. Just me? Okay.

I'm definitely channeling autumnal vibes. Especially when I actually left the flat. Here's a quick mirror shot — after I'd already got soaked in the rain of course. My hat was handknit by yours truly, my trusted leather biker jacket is a TKMaxx find, boots are old Hush Puppies and my bag is vintage from my late grandma's closet.

Until next time,

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