Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Review: Vinted

I've sold some of my clothes on eBay before, as well as done some shopping there. I briefly thought about registering for depop, but didn't like the look of it that much. Vinted, however, kept popping up on my Facebook ads, and I decided to try it out. I went to a swishing party a few months back, and loved the experience, and Vinted offers a similar function through its 'swap' option. I also still had a fair bit of clothes that I can't wear anymore due to weightloss, but eBay is a bit of a hassle — and generally I only end up getting like £0.99-2 for each item anyway.

It's been a few weeks now since I registered for Vinted and I wanted to give a review of my experience so far!

I put in some items that have been sitting in my closet unworn for months, feeling somewhat sceptical that anyone would want them, but how mistaken I was! I was absolutely shocked that within 1 HOUR, I had sold my first item and had multiple swap requests for a few other items! Vinted also had a fantastic offer on when I joined, in which they gave you £5 voucher when you posted your first item.

I found a Topshop dress that I have been hunting for literally months with no luck (I always miss it on ebay!), and due to the voucher got it for just £8.90, postage included. Sadly, the seller never shipped it and didn't reply to messages, so after 5 days, my refund was put through. While this was an unhappy transaction, I did feel reassured by the fact that Vinted automatically refunded you if the item hasn't been sent within 5 days.

I did end up finding the same dress by another seller a few days after my first transaction fell through, and though I did pay £2 more for it than the first one, it was hardly used and the seller sent the sweetest card and candy with it, so I felt I got a better deal anyway. ;)

The perfect little boat dress (with pockets!)
I also swapped one of my dresses for the pretty little New Look dress (pictured below), and a tunic for a pair of Poetic Licence heels, as well as sold another 4 items. :)

Overall, my experience with Vinted so far has been good. It's important to be careful though, and check the feedback of the people you are doing transactions with, particularly before doing swaps.

Note: Vinted takes a 15% fee from the total of any sold items, and there is a 50p charge when withdrawing your balance to your bank account.

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