Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Rock a Lot of Polka Dots: A Wishlist

I love Jess from New Girl. And, like Jess, I like to 'rock a lot of polka dots'. Sadly, my darling polka dot dresses and skirts are all too big on me now, which means there is a severe hole in my wardrobe.

I've never done a wishlist post before, but I love looking at them, and considering how much time I spend browsing the internet for pretty things, I figured I might share some of my favourites with you.

1. Peg Trousers (ASOS) / 2. Pom Pom Ballerina Flats (London Rebel via ASOS)
5. Button Spot Sleeveless Dress (Cath Kidston) / 6. Polka Dot Sun Dress (Yumi via Debenhams)
7. Coral and Cream Spot Bikini (Topshop) / 8. Spot Print Boxy Shirt (Cameo Rose via New Look)
9. Lilac Cross Body Bag (red herring via Debenhams) / 10. Polka Dot Playsuit (Love via ASOS)

Those peg trousers are definitely going to be an addition to my closet come payday! I saw someone sporting a similar pair from River Island, but they're not available anymore and I missed the one pair I found on ebay! I hope the ASOS ones will fit... I have a nasty suspicion that they might be too long for my (just under) 5'3'' frame.

I generally go for the safe colours when it comes to polka dots, like black, red and navy, but I am absolutely in love with the items 7-10 and will try my best to start incorporating more colours into my polkadot collection. I love the coral bikini to death, especially the way the top and bottom have reversed colour schemes! It's incredibly frustrating not being able to buy bikinis and swimsuits in normal clothing sizes, it restricts your choice so much.

I hope you enjoyed my choices, I had a lot of fun gathering together my 10 favourite polka dot pieces. :)

Until next time, Jenni

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  1. Polka dots are so cute for summer! I especially love the Topshop bikini x

    Josie’s Journal