Thursday, 1 May 2014

Mayday, mayday, it's May Day!

I don't know what happened, but it's suddenly May. All my good intentions about starting regular updates on my blog flew out of the window when the Easter holidays started and I was reunited with my boyfriend for precious two weeks (it had been three months). Then we said goodbye (until June), and I returned to Aberdeen with one of my best friends — and somehow another week flew by without me noticing. Then it was back to the hustle and bustle of University life, with two massive novels, Ulysses and Middlemarch, to wade through. Then came a dance weekend away in St. Andrews, which gave me sore fleet and a cold, which I am still nursing now.

But I decided that since it is May Day (which is a national holiday in my native Finland), I will make a post today, instead of finishing up Ulysses for tomorrow's morning seminar (what a way to begin a Friday, ay?). No outfit photos (though I do like my UNIQLO x Orla Kiely top and a midi skirt combo), as being ill means I look like death warmed up.

My three weeks off from Uni started off in a very controlled manner when it comes to shopping. During my two weeks with my boyfriend, I had only gathered the previously mentioned Uniqlo x Orla Kiely top (absolute bargain at £2.90), a red corduroy skirt (another £3 bargain), a pair of 'faded neon blue' (= light blue) Converse Lite's (a necessity buy, and also on sale, for £24) and foldover yoga capris from Forever 21 (£8.25).

Primark, £3
Uniqlo £2.90

I just love this print. While I do like to play with other colours too, the basic combination of red, black and white definitely has a special place in my heart. Also, anything a bit retro is a win in my book.

Converse Lite, photo from Office website. Because by the time I had been walking around in them in Brighton, Oxfordshire, London etc for a week, they aren't really in the condition to be paraded around this blog with close-ups. But seriously, 'faded neon blue'? 
When I say the Converse were a necessity buy, I really mean it. Here up north I was still wearing winter coats and so on, so though I had only packed lighter jackets for our Brighton trip, I still only had leather boots and a pair of heels for evenings with me. The gorgeous summery weather and my bare legs meant that my feet needed something fitting too. So off we went, to the first shop I saw, which happened to be Office. My boyfriend (who also kindly decided to pay for them, being in full-time employment) thought they were cute, so I chose these, as they were also more comfortable than the ballet flats that I had originally had in mind.

Mine are actually in reverse colours, the waistband is teal and the legs are black. Sadly I couldn't find a photo on F21 website that matched mine. Also, for some reason this picture looks really green on the blog, even though it's definitely teal on the website (and my yoga capris definitely have a teal waistband). But yeah. I love them. I have wanted foldover yoga capris with a coloured waist forever and I finally found a pair that I like that didn't break the bank. :)

So, only four things (apart from some bits from Whole Foods, which I couldn't resist!), despite touring my way through Brighton, Oxford, London and Strathford-Upon-Avon. This was mostly thanks to my boyfriend I think, as he's not a big fan of shopping, so there was only so many shops I could drag him into. :P

The last of the three weeks, with my friend? That is a different story, and most definitely needs its own post.

Until next time,

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