Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Review: Saviour Snack Box

 I received my first Saviour Snack Box this Monday! I was in such a hurry to open it that I just snapped photos with my phone — sorry for the picture quality!

They have a promotion at the moment which allows you to get your first box for just 4.90 including p+p (normally 14.99). I have a weakness for bargains, so obviously I had to take advantage of this and try it out. I am a lover of healthy snacks, as I tend to eat often and in small quantities, rather than sticking with 3 meals a day. It just doesn't work for me, especially with my exercise schedule.
The snacks also make it easier for me to stay away from biscuits and other sweet things which are not so good for you when consumed in high quantities. 

I had a problem with making my order, as my promotional code wasn't working, and Saviour were incredibly lovely and sent me a hand-written note and an extra snack as an apology! I love little touches like this, the hand-written note just made my day. :)

I love the fact that most of the contents in the box (which is ridiculously cute too) are products I have not tried before, or even seen at shops! While the olives (not my favourites) and wasabi peas (I am a wimp when it comes to anything spicy) are things I would never have picked on my own, I will give them a try! If I hate them, I'll gift the rest to my flatmate, who likes both. ;)

Products I am looking forward to trying the most:
  • nothing but Pea and Sweetcorn (I miss the freeze-dried veg mix I used to buy at a healthy pick&mix shop back in Finland, and I'm hoping this will be similar)
  • propercorn Sweet Coconut & Vanilla (I usually go for salty popcorn, but this sounds YUMMY)
  • frank Blueberry & Chocolate Bar (I love anything with blueberries)

Overall, I am really happy with the box, but I feel that the original price of 14.99 is a bit steep. Especially since you can't choose what's in your box (which is what I love about Graze boxes). Obviously you are also paying for the convenience of having delicious snacks delivered straight to your doorstep, so if you are busy and would be shopping in Holland & Barrett etc anyway, I do recommend trying it though. I personally have the advantage of a cheap student-run health food shop on campus (a box of 4 Nakd bars for £1.30 etc), so financially this is not really worth it for me. I am very excited for the availability of these (and other similar services) though!

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  1. I think these kinds of boxes are really neat but I haven't yet taken the plunge and purchased any. Love the fun snacks, it is so good to try new things. The hand written note is a really nice touch!