Thursday, 13 March 2014

I keep telling myself this will happen

'This' being this very blog here. I registered to bloglovin' week or two ago and I've become obsessed with following blogs. I only had a couple that I checked pretty much daily for ages, but now that I've made a bloglovin' account, I seem to be following a new person everyday. I'm feeling inspired, and the unusually sunny weather in Aberdeen is making me think of beautiful dresses and pretty heels.

I made some purchases for spring time for ASOS sale today!

I'm hoping for a pair of reasonably well-fitting black jeans, because it is something my wardrobe really needs.

I love mint green but so far I only own a somewhat ill-fitting dress, a pair of heels and nail polish. So I invested in a skirt!

I'm trying to branch out to white clothing. Nothing screams spring and summer like white lace, right?
Just basic things really, but things that I'm missing. I'm still in the process of building up my wardrobe after dropping from size 14-16 to size 10 (I KNOW, I'm pretty impressed myself), so they are needed. As a price-conscious buyer (aka broke student), I was happy to get all three for a total of £28. :)

I've got a big dance workshop this weekend, with evening socials every night, so I'll try to document some of my vintage inspired looks. I love swing dancing because it allows me to incorporate both my love of dancing and my love of vintage fashion! :)

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