Monday, 6 January 2014

New beginnings!

I have for a long time wanted to start a 'fashion blog'. A place where I can talk about the pretty, superficial things in life: dresses, shoes, accessories, the best shade of red lipstick and the like. I love dressing up, and despite the insecurities I have about how I look, I want to document what I wear, how I did my hair, that cute piece of cake, that teapot, perfume bottle or whatever pleases my eye and share it. And as the year 2014 dawns, I've decided to begin.

Today I'm not wearing anything worth documenting. Due to 'Epiphany' (a Christian holiday) being celebrated in Finland, nothing is open today and I've decided to have a lazy day at home, knitting, drinking tea and packing, dressed in a plain pair of jeans and a plain black top.

I wanted to start this blog now, because I know if I wait for a day with a cute outfit to do it, I won't. Today, instead of posting a photo of myself with pretty shoes and a cute dress, I'm just going to write a little about myself. A profile, if you will.


Jenni, 22, Scotland (and occasionally, as well as originally, Finland)
  •  an English student in her penultimate year
  • a lover of dresses and skirts
  • a vintage enthusiast
  • a crafts person, particularly fond of knitting and sewing
  • a tea addict
  • a Moomin fan
  • a dancer of Lindy Hop
  • a bargain hunter and a thrifty shopper

Above is me, posing with a cute little spotted eagle-owl called Spotty. The photo is about 6 months old, but features some of my wardrobe staples: a red high-waisted skirt with golden buttons, a turquoise cardigan and a Celia Birtwell/UNIQLO scarf with cats and dogs. I was (and still am) in the process of growing back my own haircolour (quite an adventure, I hadn't seen it properly since I was 14!), which I offer as an excuse for my quite horrible 'reversed ombré' haircolour in the photo. ;)

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