Thursday, 5 June 2014

OOTD: Hot Air Balloons

Cardigan: Seppälä, Body: H&M, Skirt: TKMaxx, Shoes: Converse (via Office)

Sun decided to come out in Aberdeen last week, and I celebrated by baring my legs and putting on something more summery. While cardigan was still a necessity, I'm delighted to say that I managed without a jacket! 

I found the skirt I am wearing from TKMaxx last spring. I love the hot air balloon print, cute novelty prints are my favourite thing ever. The skirt is actually a size 14 and supposed to be fitted at waist height but it's so short! I'm just under 5'3 and it's rather short for me even when wearing this on my hips (where it sits nicely now as a size 10). Maybe it's from a petite collection or something?

As a side note, I was so excited to notice that my Converse and the blue of the skirt match rather perfectly!

Sadly, the sun didn't reach my room, and the photos came out rather dark. I'm trying to figure out which time of the day is the best to take pictures. My glasses reflect even the tiniest bit of light, and midday sun seems a bit too bright for photos, whereas later afternoon seems too dark. I guess I will just have to discover a good time through the good old-fashioned trial and error. I'd love to take photos outside, but setting up a tripod alone in the middle of a city is just not something I am willing to do and I don't have anyone to help (and I think I would feel a little bit self-conscious asking someone to come and take photos of me, and posing for them).

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