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Obsessed: Moomins

I have a confession to make... I am obsessed with Moomins.

£8, Primark
 I found this insanely cute pair of Moomin pyjamas in Primark a while ago and I just had to buy it.

I'd seen Moomin pyjamas in Primark and Topshop before, but I haven't liked them much so they've been left in the shop after the initial excitement. This pair, however, is perfect. It features a print made of the original comic strips and is perfect for summer with the sweet tank top and shorts combo.

As some of you might know, Moomins come from Finland. They were created by Tove Jansson, and originally started as comic strips. Jansson also wrote books (which I love), and since her original creations, there has been a couple of tv series, movies, plays and so on. I grew up with Moomins, as in Finland they are considered as something of a national treasure. I've watched all the episodes (multiple times), read the books, comics and visited the Moominvalley theme park when I was a kid.

As I approached adulthood, my interest in Moomins didn't wane, but took a new, rather material, direction. I started collecting Moomin dishwear! My current mug collection alone consists of 39 mugs (I only have a few with me at the moment, due to space and constant moving — student life!). If I'm honest, there might be one or two more, as I didn't update my inventory sheet last time I was in Finland (when I inevitably bought the new Christmas mug, the Tove 100 anniversary mug and possibly the Moominmamma mug that was being discontinued...), where most of my collection still resides. And you know, just the fact that I have an inventory sheet probably tells you enough.

All of my dishwear are made by Finnish brands Arabia and Iittala.
In addition to the mugs, I also have a pile of bowls, a stack of glasses and a salad bowl, a jug, a plate, a tray, spoons and possibly something else too. Most of this is currently hiding in my mother's cellar in Finland waiting for me to take permanent residence somewhere in the UK.

Moomin towels by Finlayson, via Pinterest

Close-up of my glasses | Some examples of Moomin towels by Finnish home textiles brand, Finlayson

My collective habits do not stop at dishwear. I also own two bedding sets (my favourite one pictured below), kitchen towels, oven glove (pictured below) and pot holders, a sizeable stack of bath- and handtowels, t-shirt, a massive pile of postcards, a pile of Topshop Moomin underwear and a Moominmamma soft toy (which my 6- and 8-year-old sisters gifted me as they didn't want it, haha). And of course books, comic books and other little trinkets (people like to buy me Moomin things for birthdays and Christmases — it usually works pretty well). I also always buy the new Moomin academic calendar for the upcoming year when I am in Finland during the summer. I only go to Finland twice a year now, for just a week or two at a time, so having little things like this make me feel still connected to my home country. :)

(Photos by Finlayson)

Moomin rotary candle holder that I got as a gift last Christmas. It's so fragile!

Postcards, which I keep meaning to put up on my walls — but I think I will end up waiting until I move out of student accomodation and I can put them into frames.
Moomins are of course not the only thing I have fallen in love with over the years: Disney and Harry Potter have just as firm hold of my heart. It is however only Moomins that have managed to secure such a physical manifestation in my life. The few Disney soft toys and things I own do not quite compare to the extent of my Moomin dish- and homeware collection.

I am unapologetically a Moomin fanatic. I love them to bits, and enjoying food and drink out of my brightly coloured cute little dishwear makes gloomy days a little bit brighter here in Aberdeen.

Here are some links to UK websites that sell Moomin products:
The Moomin Shop
(43 Covent Garden Market, London, WC2E 8RF)
John Lewis
Cloudberry Living

43 Covent Garden Market London WC2E 8RF
43 Covent Garden Market London WC2E 8RF
43 Covent Garden Market London WC2E 8RF
43 Covent Garden Market London WC2E 8RF
43 Covent Garden Market London WC2E 8RF
Do you collect anything?

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