Thursday, 23 April 2015

Fashion: Spring Jewellery

I had such good intentions for this month. Dissertation handed in, holidays began — 'I'll have so much time', I told myself. 'I'll post at least three times a week', I said. Somehow the first week went by in a flurry of working and organising things, and suddenly I was jetting off to Cyprus via London to see my boyfriend for glorious 10 days with pretty much no internet (still wading through the backlog of 900+ posts on Bloglovin). Then there was the last minute flight change, the 3 hours of sleep after travelling all night to get to Oxford, and the internship interview. Seriously, can life get any busier? I am finally home, and it's the middle of the last week of University holiday before I have my final essay to hand in. But I will blog. I WILL.

So, here we go! I thought I'd share some of my recent jewellery finds.

In the past, I never really bought any jewellery. I didn't like wearing anything but earrings, as anything around my neck, wrists or fingers made me feel uncomfortable. The high street shop selection did not appeal to so I made all my jewellery by myself. While you'll still catch me sporting handmade strawberries or watermelon slices on my ears, I've slowly started getting into wearing more fashion jewellery though, and when I started my new job, it became almost a necessity. I work for a company that deals with jewellery in Outfit, Topshop, Dorothy Perkins, Miss Selfridge and Boots, and we are, of course, encouraged to wear the products as well (yes, I am essentially a walking jewellery display as well). So I've branched out a little bit more with my jewellery wearing habits, and I thought I'd show you what I've picked over the past couple of months. Most of these are still available in (selected) stores and I'll try to link all the ones available online as well.

Tassel Necklace via Topshop (available in stores)
Marble Front Back Studs via Topshop (available in stores and online)

I've always worn silver jewellery and stated that I dislike gold. Yet somehow, most of the stuff I've picked up has been gold! I feel like with blond hair, gold suits me better than it did with dark hair.

When I picked up the tassel necklace, I thought it looked really cool. But in all honesty, it's too cool for me. I don't really know what to wear it with. I'm all stripes, skirts and polkadots. Not cool enough for this (or, well, different kind of cool). I love love love the marble studs though.

Pearl Ear Cuffs via Miss Selfridge (available in stores and online)
Leaf Earrings via Dorothy Perkins (available in stores and online)
The ear cuff is sadly quite uncomfortable on (do I have weird ears?), pretty though it is. The leaf earrings are one of my favourites. So pretty!

Bee Ring via Dorothy Perkins (no longer available)
Lead Ring via Dorothy Perkings (available in stores and online)
The bee ring was a find on my first day of work. It was down to £2 and with staff discount I took it home for only £1.80. I'd been wanting a bee ring since seeing one in Topshop months before (could only find one and it was so big it fell off my finger immediately). I had to have it!

Bunting Necklace via Dorothy Perkins (available in stores and online)
Square Necklace via Topshop (available in stores)

Silver Rope Knot Bracelet via Topshop (available in stores and online)

Leaf Necklace via Dorothy Perkins (on sale, available in selected stores)
This is my elf necklace. All the Thranduil vibes (sorry (not sorry) for the geekery).

3-pack Fine Neckwear via Topshop (available in stores)
I got this multipack on a whim even though I thought it 'wasn't me', but funny enough, I've got more wear out of it than any of the other necklaces! I particularly like the circles and the bar.

Disclaimer: I did not pay for these pieces (except for the bee ring), as they are part of my work 'uniform', but I was not asked to write a blog post nor am I getting anything for it. I just liked what I picked up and thought I'd share.

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