Tuesday, 5 April 2016

NYC Haul

My boyfriend and I visited New York in early March as an early anniversary trip (4 years!), and since I did some shopping while there, I thought it would be nice to share some photos of what I got. Funny enough, I didn't actually take photos during our trip (besides some iPhone snaps). It was nice to concentrate on experiencing the city though, instead of 'living through the lense'.

I feel like I was actually quite sensible when shopping in NYC (or at least certainly more so than I was my first time in London at 18!). For one, I bought hardly any clothes (shocking, I know)!

But without further ado, let me show you all the things I picked up!

First and foremost: Pusheen (from Forbidden Planet next to The Strand)! A detective Pusheen! I'm obsessed with the chubby kitty we all know from Facebook stickers (my boyfriend even got me an annual Pusheen subscription box for Christmas) and when I saw this Sherlock Holmes-inspired version, I couldn't help but bring him home. I came across loads more Pusheen merchandise, but I decided to be sensible (or as sensible as I possibly could). 

The dog-shaped salt and pepper shakers were from Target (because I wanted novelty shakers and these match our colours haha) and hair ties from Anthropologie. The incredible Alice in Wonderland socks and floral Rifle Paper Co temporary tattoos(!) are both from Strand Bookstore, which was one of the highlights of the trip. I managed to resist the temptations to buy any books, but decided to indulge in some bookish merchandise since the selection was so different from what we have in the UK (I also got some cool book-themed postcards, which I forgot to photograph). The Alice 2016 calendar is from a lovely stationary called Paper Source. I actually got it for the adorable prints (Rifle Paper Co can do no wrong), since I've already got a calendar and it was 75% off – bargain!

The bright and beautiful Kate Spade bag was a find from Crossroads Trading, which I'd seen a lot of people talk about. It's essentially a second hand clothing store, but it seems to be very popular with bloggers and everyone else I've chatted to. The bag was $65 and in great condition, so I was fairly pleased since it retailed around the $300+ mark.

I also got some candles! I obviously had to pop in to Bath & Body Works, where I got two candles (how I managed to leave with only two is a mystery!) — 'Lemon & Mint Tea' and 'London: Lemon and Tea'. Sensing a theme? I also found a Woodwick candle in 'Honeydew Melon' at Century 21 for less than half the price!

Cosmetics! I got a EOS lip balm ($2.99 at Target), The Body Shop Frosted Cranberry bath jelly ($2 at TJMaxx), Essie nail polishes ($2.99 at TJMaxx), Revlon nail polished (around $5 at Target) and Bath & Body Works hand gels in a variety of scents (the blue 'Endless Weekend' is my favourite!). I also popped into Sephora and got the much hyped Kat Von D tattoo liner in Trooper after swatching it on my hand (and being very impressed) and a Sephora lip stain in Mandarin Muse. 

Food! First off, cinnamon chewing gum. Not for everyone certainly, but as someone who drowns everything they eat in cinnamon, this is great. I also popped into M&M shop to get a selection of the more unusual flavours (like honey nut and chili nut!). 

We came across a beautiful tea shop called David's Tea and I got this amazing machine-washable see-through travel tea mug with a built-in strainer (that you can pop up when you're done steeping your tea!) and some tea. The tea nerd in me was practically purring when I saw the travel mug. The teas my boyfriend and I got were Blueberry Jam black tea, Citron oolong tea, Pear-Ginger white tea and La La Lemon black tea.

I have seriously problem with Clif bars so when faced with the seriously low price tag ($0.99!) and a variety of flavours I haven't seen in the UK, I obviously had to get one of each. So sue me. I also got a peanut butter and jelly Lära bar, because hey, peanut butter and jelly. The packet of matcha chocolate Pocky's also made their way to my suitcase since we didn't get around to eating them while in New York.

This doesn't look like much, but the shoes on the left were probably my favourite purchase from New York. They're my new dance shoes, with suede soles, heels and prettiness. They're also pretty damn comfy for high heels. I got them from a dance shoe shop near Times Square, and that itself was an experience. Mirrors, mini dance floors to try out your shoes — spoiled! They've also really made a difference to my dancing so I'm very pleased.

I also got a pair of Keds, which is the brand I usually wear for classes. These are from the Taylor Swift collaboration and I've been wanting them for ages because of that cat peeking out at the heel. Sorry T-Swift, I do like you, but I'm really just here for the cats. I got them at Century21 for about $20.

Aaaand finally, clothes!

Above, a sports bra with super cool strap situation at the back ($12.99 at Forever21)! These never ever fit me since either the band is too big, or the "cups" area is too small. This, however, was sort of okay so I can wear it for yoga/chilling out. And look cool. Forever21 had a fabulous selection of workout clothing and I must remember this in the UK as well.

Midi skirt (or maxi in my case, hah) from Forever21 ($24.99). Pink is not usually a colour I would wear, but for some reason I felt like going out of my comfort zone. Plus it looks very spring-like and romantic. Maybe paired with a leather biker jacket and some heels?

And fiiiinally, my vintage find! I dragged my boyfriend to approximately 150 vintage shops, ooh'd and aah'd over dozens and dozens of beautiful 50's frocks and other treasures (for very reasonable prices too!), but since I knew there's no way I'd ever actually wear them, I left them for better homes. This $8 find is probably from 80's (because SHOULDER PADS), and I intend to work some DIY magic on it before wearing it. I'll definitely take the shoulder pads off, for one.

So that's all I got from New York. Sorry for a lot of text! I'd really like to do video hauls (and book talks!), because I think the format works much better for hauls, but I'm scared of YouTube (and would have to invest in a camera that takes video). Hmmmmm.

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