Wednesday, 24 June 2015

I am a graduate!

Where have the last two weeks gone? I know I say this a lot but I swear time has never passed so quickly! So, what happened?

First, my boyfriend and I spent a blissful week doing pretty much nothing expect enjoying the sun, walking his parents' dogs and figuring out things for our imminent move (less than 2 weeks now...!). We also went to Cotswolds Wildlife Park, so stay tuned for cute animals and probably less cute outfit photos.

The second week went in a blur because bright and early on Monday morning (I mean like pre-6am) we hopped on the car and drove up to Aberdeen for my graduation, which was happening on Tuesday. That's an 8 hour drive folks. Without traffic.

My family also came for my graduation, which was lovely. But as I'm sure you guys will know, sometimes seeing your family can be really stressful. And with a language barrier, six lost suitcases, a seven person group, a memory loss-prone grandma and two pre-teen kids, it was even more so. It was certainly eventful — almost comical! The suitcases arrived after my ceremony (cue half the family missing my ceremony and everyone wearing yesterday's clothes), my boyfriend left my camera and his two lenses in the taxi on the way to my graduation (we got them back the next day), there was a fire alarm (my grandma was in the bath and my sister were in pyjamas), and my family left one of the suitcases at the airport on the way back (I hope the airport security didn't have to blow it up). All this in the span of 5 days.

Amidst all the excitement and stress, I never actually got any photos of my outfit underneath the silly (but sort of cool) gown, hood and hat combo. A pity, since I hardly ever have an excuse to dress up for an occasion. We were only allowed to wear black or white, and since I didn't want to wear all-white, finding a suitable dress was quite a challenge. In the end I did find a very pretty Little Mistress number from House of Fraser (on sale no less!), which you can see glimpses of above. For my shoes I chose Polly by Minna Parikka, gorgeous white heels with gold-detailed wings on the sides, which I also wore to my high school graduation 5 years ago. I'm terrified to wear them because they are white. Silly of course, as there is really no point in paying 275€ for a pair of shoes that you only wear once every two years.

Some decorations from the marquee where we had the graduation lunch after the ceremony
We stayed in Aberdeen with my family until Friday morning, when we yet again took off pre-6am. But this time it took us about 10 hours to get back, which was obviously great. When we finally got back, we mostly just rested until Sunday... when we went for a 7 mile walk across the Cotswolds! As a city girl, I should have trusted my instincts and worn wellies and long trousers to shield myself from the cruel nature. Instead, I wore trainers and short running leggings. There were a lot of nettles. You do the math.

So, that's pretty much it. Now I am an officially unemployed (and panicking) graduate. Wish me luck (or employ me)!

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