Saturday, 18 July 2015

Life, Lately

It's been two weeks since my last post, despite my best attempts. I keep opening Blogger and attempting to put together a post, but I feel like I have nothing new to say. Real life is still taking up all my time and resources, and I simply have not had time to pop out for outfit photos or to compile other kinds of posts. 

Since my last post, Nick and I have moved into our first home(!). Most of the flat is now sorted, but our second bedroom is still a storage area, which is something I intend to work on this weekend — especially since I was given a day off work today because I said I'd been too busy to finish setting up our flat! Another reason for wanting to get the room sorted is the fact that we got a wardrobe for the second bedroom on Thursday evening. The said wardrobe is currently placed in front of our second bookcase in the living room, while also obscuring all the natural light hitting the kitchen table. Basically, very awkward and annoying.

Books by Kaboompics_com. CCo Public Domain via Pixabay.
The moving-in is not the only big thing to have happened since my last post. I have also started a job, quit a job and started another job. Yes, I admit (though it pains me) that I quit after one week in a job. I was offered a position at Waterstones, and as it fitted into my plans of going into publishing much better, was at a much better location commuting-wise and generally suited me better in every single way, I took it. I started yesterday, and I could immediately tell that I'd made the right decision. I suddenly don't have a compulsion to search for publishing jobs every spare minute I have. I haven't given up, but I feel like I can wait for a little while and still enjoy work.

The point of this post was to say that I'm still alive and not abandoning the blog. I feel that I'll be able to concentrate on my blog better after the flat is put together and every room is a usable space, which will hopefully happen by the end of today. Creating a comfortable living space is the priority, as at the moment the clutter and mess of boxes is just making me anxious.

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